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Watches (and Gifts) of Excellence: A Guide for Father’s Day

Watches (and Gifts) of Excellence: A Guide for Father’s Day

Mark your calendars. Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re not sure what sort of Father’s Day gift might make sense for your man of style... we have some ideas.

A luxurious, meticulously crafted watch is something every modern man deserves, and if you’re the one gifting it to him, an affordably luxurious watch is even better.

All in all, a great watch on a man’s wrist looks sleek, useful, and becomes an extension of his own character. His taste in fashion. His capability. Who he is. And what he stands for in life.

Whether you’re thinking about buying a watch for Father’s Day for your old man, your husband, your son, an expecting dad, a new dad, a grandfather, or your partner, here’s what we suggest from our very own Ralph Christian Collection, along with a complementary (and equally masculine) gift idea:

For the adventure-seeker: The Prague
Pairs well with: Expensive luggage, like Away

Think CEO by day, and taking-tight-turns-without-slowing-down-on-his-motorcycle man by night. Think private pilot who touched down before the sun set heading to the hotel bar for a dry martini with an olive. The Prague is designed to turn heads, leave a serious impression, and make whoever is wearing it feel unstoppable.

For the truly modern man: The Maverick Steel
Pairs well with: A Chemex® coffeemaker

Sapphire-coated glass, all stainless steel, and more water resistant, The Maverick Steel’s almost “caffeinated” design is inspired by the earliest wristwatches ever created—except we took it up a notch and added in some luxury and 21st century grit. This watch gives off that “never-going-out-of-style feel,” but still has a rough and modernistic, au courant “edge” to it.

For the style icon: The Milan
Pairs well with: A Fine Eau de Parfum of Soft Musk & Vetiver Wood, like Henry Rose’s Fog

Rich. Elegant. Classy. For those who have Polo’s in more than one color are no strangers to traversing the International Date Line, The Milan is not for the minimalists. Luxuriously plated and finished with premium and interchangeable Black and Rose Gold Milanese Mesh Straps, this timepiece is for those who want to take charge—and who like to have options. Day, date, and month dials are nested behind the Scratch & Scrape Resistant Sapphire-Coated Mineral Crystal glass.


For the well-traveled: The Intrepid Chronograph
Pairs well with: A Straight Razor, like Leaf’s

The first Chronograph Watch we've produced features our signature luxury-inspired design, a high-precision Japanese Quartz movement, and a meticulously engineered premium stainless steel case. It’s daring—but it will look good when flying First Class. Built for those with a penchant for details and exactitude. For the men who may not always arrive on time—but who know exactly where they’re going. 


A watch serves as a timeless and thoughtful tribute, no matter the occasion. Explore our full collection of obsessively-designed and customizable Ralph Christian watches here.

Have a Happy Father’s Day!

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