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Best Watches To Gift For Valentines Day

Best Watches To Gift For Valentines Day

If you're anything like us there are two considerations that come into play when you're getting someone a gift for Valentine's Day: utility and cost.

How often is this person going to use this present and how much is this gift going to cost me?

A watch is a great gift to give because they easily become an everyday staple. Timepieces are never out of place, and while you will not find any app-enabled wrist "computers" on our website nor will you be spending upwards of ten grand for any of our watches of excellence (though, to be fair, it may look like you have).

People love to gift our meticulously handcrafted yet affordable watches to the men in their life (or to themselves), and we couldn't be happier. We know this because they tell us! Take these recent reviews as examples:

"Stunning watch. Excellent quality. He absolutely loves it."

"What my husband wanted. 10/10."

"Gift for my husband, he absolutely loves it. Wears it every day."

"Tons of compliments and highly detailed. Love it. Great for a gift to a close friend or family member."

"One of the best decisions I've ever made to buy it as my first watch..."

Side note: This blog is about the best watches to gift for Valentine's Day, but if you're curious why watches are so expensive, but why they don't have to be, you can read all about that on our blog here.

Let's start with one of our Ralph Christian Best Sellers...


Attributes: "Fit for a king"

Movement: High Precision Japanese Quartz

Gift this watch to any lucky gentleman and people will be asking him how many thousands of dollars he paid for it. The Intrepid Chronograph looks like a watch from an entirely higher price point, but because we sell direct, take out the retailer, and are obsessive about our production runs, you won't need a second mortgage to leave an impression that counts.

We often dub The Intrepid Chronograph as a watch "fit for a king." It's just that. This timepiece is a work of art. Whoever you gift this watch to will be fielding compliments left and right. Our classic color options come in Rose Gold; Rose Gold and Black; Blue; and Red. We now offer new variations in Rose Gold and Blue; Black and Yellow; and Gold. 

The Intrepid Chronograph has a full steel case coating that feels substantial on the wrist and an intricately stitched leather strap which is both elevating and eye catching. The watch face of The Intrepid Chronograph features three sub-dials powered by a high-precision Japanese Quartz movement. This stylish, durable, and accurate timepiece would make a great gift for Valentine's Day.

Side note: Want to know the difference between quartz and automatic watches? Read "Quartz vs. Automatic Watches: What's the Difference & Which One Should I Buy" on our blog here

Browse the full Intrepid Chronograph collection here.


Attributes: Sleek, stylish, and minimal, with a touch of vintage

Movement: Self-Winding Automatic Mechanical 

If The Intrepid Chronograph watch is fit for a king, The Avalon is its smoother, sleeker royal cousin. Still touted as "the perfect gift" by one of our customers, The Avalon is more modern, minimal, and wholly skeletonized (meaning you can see straight through to the inner workings). 

The Avalon has vintage Roman numerals on the watch face and overall has a more "come-as-you-are" style. We like the option of interchangeable straps here, so consider The Avalon as the Valentine's gift for the man in your life who wears many hats. One watch, many options. For example, some men might like the comfort and ease of a black silicone strap for their day-to-day adventures, while the option for silken black mesh lends a sense of luxury for a work conference abroad or a black-tie wedding gala. 

Browse the full Avalon collection here.


Attributes: Striking aesthetics, contemporary and refined

Movement: High Precision Japanese Quartz

Talk about another high-powered statement watch for the discerning gentlemen out there. The stunning Momentum Chrono is classically chunkier on the wrist and gives off major high-roller status. "Worth every penny," someone writes in their review. "The quality is excellent. I own a Rolex and a Tudor as well. However these watches are incredibly attractive and get compliments."

The Momentum Chrono comes in three colors: Rose Gold, Black, and Gold. The three-dial chronograph complication is powered by a high-precision Japanese Quartz movement. Whether you're a budding watch enthusiast or you're simply getting your guy a gift, it's good for you to know that quartz continues to prove itself as the most reliable and accurate way to tell time. The curved sapphire-coated glass on The Momentum Chrono is distinctive, contemporary and refined.

Browse the full Momentum Chronograph collection here.

These three watches would certainly top our list when we think about gift-giving, but any of our watches make for a truly special gift no matter the occasion. 

If you have any questions while you're shopping, let us know. We're here and always happy to help.

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